What is FAN1?


FAN1 (FabLab Asian Network 1st conference) is the first international conference of FabLab operators in the Asian region with the concept “Weave Asian Fabbers!!” – this directs to strengthen the Fabber communities in Asia to become one strong piece of fabric responding to the needs of the Asian Region.

FAN1 will be held at the Bohol FabLab at the Bohol Island State University in the province of Bohol, Philippines and it will run from May 2 – 7, 2014. The participants are not only existing FabLab operators in Asia but also future Fabbers who have plans to set up more FAbLabs in the region.

The contents of FAN1 have been weaved based on the following three keywords:

  1. To understand each other
  2. To learn from each other
  3. To think about Asian Fab

For the details, refer to the Main contents pages.

In addition,  the following three sub-contents are included in the program to boost the concept “Weave Asian Fabbers!” of this international conference.

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Asian World Fab Cup
  3. Observation activity

For the details, refer to the Sub contents pages.

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