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Understand each other “Fab Presentation”

1. Fab Presentation (Presentation to introduce each Asian Fablab). The Fab Presentation aims to introduce each Asian FabLab and its activities. The purpose is to induce the exchange of knowledge/technology and collaboration. 2. Super Fab Talk (Invited speakers presentation) The "Super Fab Talk" is a special presentation ...


Learn from each other “Boot Camp”

FabLab Network has an online education system that is provided by MIT. However, there are some tough hurdles in joining this program such as: Access to hi-speed internet line Access to materials which are difficult to procure in developing countries Requiring high level knowledge/skills of digital fabrication for ...


Think about Asia x Fab “Fab Symposium”

1. Introduction The Fab Symposium is an activity which talks on how a Fab Symposium shall be done. This will also include presentations on what “digital fabrication” is, and what a “maker movement” is. With this, the audience will be able to understand and appreciate more why a FabLab is considered a “New ...