Learn from each other “Boot Camp”


FabLab Network has an online education system that is provided by MIT. However, there are some tough hurdles in joining this program such as:

  • Access to hi-speed internet line
  • Access to materials which are difficult to procure in developing countries
  • Requiring high level knowledge/skills of digital fabrication for pre-requisite knowledge

FAN1 conducts lectures and hands on for beginners on the available  FabLab equipment to catch up with the requirement of the  Fab Academy. Participants will be able to gain the minimum required knowledge for each equipment on their participation in this boot camp.

During the 3 days, lecture/workshops on operation of the FabLab equipment and using Asian/local materials will be conducted simultaneously. (If you need to join all lecture/workshop, 6 persons are required to attend from your organization.)

  • ShopBot  (Big CNC machine) + Laser cutter
  • Arduino (Programmable electronically circuit)+ MDX (Small milling machine)
  • 2D drawing + Cutting machine
  • 3D modeling + 3D printer
  • Material development (for using Recycle aluminum and plastic, Banana fiber)
  • Innovation making (No trainer course. Free flowing process)




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