Think about Asia x Fab “Fab Symposium”


1. Introduction

The Fab Symposium is an activity which talks on how a Fab Symposium shall be done.
This will also include presentations on what “digital fabrication” is, and what a “maker movement” is. With this, the audience will be able to understand and appreciate more why a FabLab is considered a “New Industrial Revolution” and why it is also considered as “2nd to internet”.
In this introduction some of the challenges that the FabLab in Bohol, Philippines may encounter shall be discussed, being the first in the country.
All these shall initiate thoughts and opinions about “Asia x Fab” for the succeeding “Panel Discussion” and the “X FabLab Talk”.

2. Panel discussion (Asian Fab as model case)

FabLab in the Philippines is established to help and assist the creative sector in order to provide jobs and employment opportunities that alleviate poverty. This is an attempt to have a meaningful collaboration among sectors concerned to operationalize and sustain this FabLab initiative.

In the Philippines, this is the first attempt to establish a FabLab with the purpose to help solve poverty in Asia with government budget. When we think about the Philippine FabLab as an Asian model case, we should maximize the best use of the Digital Fabrication and find ways  towards  making a better future.  With this we can start  considering  our  Asian approach through a panel discussion.

The following are the invited panelists:

  • Department of Trade and Industry
  • Department of Science and Technology
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • FabLab Network

3. x Fab talk (what is the future of “Asian x Fab”).

How should we remake the current Asia? How are we going to make the future of Asia through FabLab and digital fabrication which is said to be the “Industrial Revolution” and “second to the internet”.

For participants to consider this issue, the symposium will have five (5) presentations with the following themes:

  • Development x Fab
  • Education x Fab
  • Art & Culture x Fab
  • Business x Fab
  • World x Fab
  • Asian future x Fab

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