Observation Activity


The most common challenges faced by Asian nations are the management of typhoons and earthquakes. Moreover, there are still a lot of problems which are unique in each area that needs to be resolved.

Some of the unique problems have already been solved in other areas/countries. Some of them may have caused more serious condition in other areas/countries. Sharing and generating solutions of the unique problems among Fabbers in Asia could be a notable way of making the Asian future.

In FAN1, participants will be divided into 4 groups and do “observation activities” on the four sectors of Bohol, Philippines. The sectors are as follows:

  • Sanitation/medical
  • Art/craft
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism

The 5th sector which is education has not been included because of the long school break.

Each group will  have  a one (1) day tour to visit and observe each site.

With  this  activity  we hope that finding the challenges in each sector and discussions based on the experiences of each participant will be the first step to solve the challenges faced for and by the whole of Asia.


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